Introduction – Half the man I used to be


January 2019 at about 225 pounds

Welcome to my online book!  My name is Nathan Fisher and I decided to take the time to write how I lost over 150 pounds – and you can too!  At my heaviest, I was 372 pounds.  At the time of the beginning of this writing, I’m just over 200 pounds and will start to publicize this more heavily when I’m closer to 186-190 range.  Hence – “half the man I used to be” going from 372 to 186.  Hopefully, you grant me some artistic liberty if I end up clocking in at 188.  “49% percent the man I used to be” doesn’t have a nice ring to it!

In this book – I plan on not only providing some information to assist you, but also entertain with a few stories here and there.  I’m not a medical doctor.  I’m not a physical trainer.  What I can provide you is MY n=1 experiment.   What I do have is two master’s degrees in topics that have nothing to do with health and nutrition.  That being said, with my degrees, I spent 4 years as an undergraduate and 6 years as a graduate student – and those years as a graduate student were spent doing countless hours of research for writing papers.

As a nearly 400 pound person finishing up his MBA, I decided I was going to use my research and academic skills to apply this to my lifelong struggle with weight.  What I have found along the way with nutritional research has….simply horrified me.

As a technical project manager in IT for my career, I need to understand the scope, duration, and materials needed for any project.  I need to understand a road map, methods, and be able to modify my plan when challenges arise.

What I did was create a three year plan to lose all of my weight.  In this book, I’m going to walk you through it.

Keto is the latest and greatest craze, and I have used keto along the way.  However, it didn’t start like that.  I will discuss how I used keto as a tool along the way, but I also will go into great detail how I even got to keto and how I lost 70 pounds prior to even starting keto.

I chose this format because I’ve been an avid blogger for about a decade.  I like the idea of using hyperlinks to papers and videos that someone can immediately watch rather than the traditional references.  At the moment I reference something, you can check it out for yourself.   I can also use this format to share pictures I took over the years, charts I created, and Visio workflows I created.

My goals for this book are to make enough money to pay for the domain name each year.  Maybe if you find this useful, you donate $.10 for every pound you lose!  If this book sees the eyes of 1,000,000 people and each one of them loses 50 pounds, I can retire!!   As an avid blogger, I also know getting eyes to your content is rather difficult at times.  I have a small following compared to YouTube stars, and my Facebook friends by now see me as some radical exercise guy.  Not the worst thing to be thought of, but this tends to mute the arguments over time.

My real goal for writing this book is to help others free themselves from lifelong struggles with obesity.  I’m too green to know how to publish a “real” book, and I don’t have the money to print out 200 books for them to sit in my basement.  If this is to be successful, it will be because this link gets to the right people, it resonates with them, and they pass it on to those they feel this can help.